This comprehensive course is based on guidance developed by the Department of Health on the 'Safe Management of Healthcare Waste'.  It helps you clearly understand how you should be handling, segregating and storing different clinical wastes.

The Module draws on guidance provided by the Department of Health on the Safe Management of Healthcare Waste.  It translates this information in a highly visual, interactive and engaging way to help you understand what actions you must take to meet your best practice and legislative requirements, as outlined within this guidance.

This course will also help you gain a comprehensive understanding of sustainable healthcare waste management and how to ensure your clinical waste is managed in a legally compliant manner and in line with best practice. 

Duration4 hours
LegislationEngland and Wales

Who is this course for?

This course is aimed at anyone in England and Wales who is involved in the management of healthcare waste, including those working in hospitals, surgeries, dental practices, pharmacies, residential homes and veterinary practices.

What you will learn

Module 1: Introduction to Waste and Healthcare Waste

This Module provides an introduction to the different types of clinical waste and how to correctly classify them. This is important because different healthcare wastes have specific legal requirements associated with your handling, storage, treatment and disposal.

Module 2: Introduction to Best Practice Waste Management of Healthcare Waste

Module 2 provides an introduction to sustainable waste management and available best practice. 

Part 1 of this module looks at best practice waste management including the drivers and benefits of sustainable waste management. It introduces the Waste Hierarchy as a best practice foundation.

Part 2 focuses on the importance of waste segregation, including a review of the colour-coded system and how you can use this to manage your clinical waste.

Module 3: Healthcare Waste and Legislation

This Module covers the legislation that exists for the management of waste and what you must do to ensure you comply with it. The module is split into 4 parts:

  • Part 1 provides an overview of what legislation exists, why it exists, who it applies to, and the concept of Duty of Care.
  • Part 2 covers more complex waste regulation and legislation: how and why it’s relevant when handling, managing and disposing of clinical waste.
  • Part 3 covers the legal requirements relating to segregating waste, storing waste, storage containers and labelling waste, as well as an introduction to the European Waste Catalogue.
  • Part 4 covers key legal documents for managing waste, why these documents are important and how these documents are used to track waste movements and authorise specific waste management activities.

Next steps

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