This course provides a comprehensive introduction to carbon management in the UK. It will help you understand the core principles of climate change, carbon management, carbon legislation and how to identify quick wins within your organisation.

This course will also help you begin the process of establishing carbon management policy to help you reduce energy costs and improve your energy and carbon performance. This course is made up of 6 bite-size modules.

Duration5 hours

Who is this course for?

Anyone who needs a comprehensive introduction of carbon management including those with technical, operational and facilities management responsibilities, specific carbon management responsibilities, senior managers involved with the implementation of carbon management plans at a strategic level or anyone with an interest, involvement, or ability to influence carbon management within an organisation.

What you will learn

This course is made up of 6 modules:

Module 1: Introduction to the Principles of Climate Change

This module includes a review of the causes and impacts of climate change.  It provides the basic knowledge needed by anyone involved in reducing carbon emissions.

Module 2: Introduction to Carbon Management and Carbon Legislation

This module looks at the key principles of carbon management and how the UK Government is addressing climate change through policy and legislation.

Module 3: The Business Case for Carbon Management

Module 3 will help you prepare your business case for carbon management. This includes assessing your organisation’s drivers for carbon management.

Module 4: Establishing your Carbon Management Team

This module will help you establish the carbon management team that will be responsible for taking carbon management forward within your organisation.

Module 5: Undertaking your Initial Carbon Audit

Module 5 will help you gather your carbon data and undertake your initial carbon survey to help you understand your performance and establish your policy commitments.

Module 6: Establishing your Policy and Identifying Quick Wins

This final module will help you establish a carbon management policy and identify quick win projects within your organisation.

Next steps

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