Understanding your legal requirements and how to ensure you are compliant is essential for anyone involved in waste management. This innovative eLearning course provides a truly interactive way of examining the key requirements set out by a number of pieces of prominent UK waste management legislation.

Duration2 hours

Who is this course for?

The course provides an introduction to waste management legislation and assumes no previous knowledge or experience. Because it looks at responsibilities throughout the waste management chain it is relevant to anyone who produces, carries or treats waste, particularly those with compliance related responsibilities.  The course will also be useful to consultants new to waste management and legislation and to anyone needing a refresher.

What you will learn

The course will help you to understand some of your key legal obligations in relation to waste management and the associated compliance documentation you need to complete.  It begins with the legal requirements throughout the waste management chain and key elements including Duty of Care and the Waste Hierarchy. It then takes you on four interactive waste management journeys from production through to treatment to help you understand your legal responsibilities in practice. The concept of ‘end of waste’ is also considered.

The course 'journeys' focus on four common waste streams that will allow you to learn about a wide variety of waste management legislation in practice; packaging waste, waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE), hazardous waste and food waste.

What do past learners say about this course

 “I really enjoyed the course and found it very much targeted to what I was wanting, which was a better understanding of the legislation, and documentation including waste transfer notes and consignment notes in particular. 

The course has helped me to understand the EWC codes system much better, as well as key elements required for each transfer of waste from our site. I also have the certificate after completing the course to prove I have done the training and completed it. This is useful to show continuous improvement to my ISO14001 Auditor.”

Health & Safety, Quality and Environmental Manager

Next steps

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